Welcome to Punctuation!
I’m CAPITAL LETTERS, and I’ll be your guide around here. Behold! The building blocks to the English language are at your fingertips. Click on my friends to the left to meet them.

I’m a loud-mouthed guy who loves to bark out orders.


We're the COMMA TWINS.
We slither in and wrap our slinky selves around any word or phrase that barges into a Sentences main point. Never forget that we are a double act, always traveling as a pair.

I’m utterly awe-inspiring, thanks to my ability to conjure up brand-new expressions with the flick of a pen!

You rang? I’m QUESTION MARK.
Bent over like my mark, I prod things, pry into them, and demand answers. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

a wizard at showing that there are two sides to a thing. My magic: joining two whole Sentences that are closely connected.