Welcome to Planet Earth! Why, hello there. I’m CRUST, and I’ll be your guide around here. Get to know a bunch of down-to-earth guys who keep the world in motion. Click on my friends to the left to meet them.

Much more than just a lightweight gasbag, I am the big comfort blanket around Earth that protects Life.

As the longest and most important line of Latitude in the whole wide world, I am even splitter. I girdle the planet like a big belt!

They call me GLACIER.
Craggy and cold, I’m the old man of the mountains. When snowfall builds up and compacts into ice, I’m born and start to crawl slowly down the mountainside.

I roll out across Continents like an enormous carpet, but I’m an in-betweener, a piggy in the middle, forever stuck between Desert and forest.

Surrounded by Water, I prefer to stand alone in splendid isolation. I can be big, like Madagascar, or a tiny dot of Rock, like Bishop Rock in the U.K. (the world’s smallest).

Get your umbrella out! I’m PRECIPITATION!
It’s true I may spoil a barbecue or trip to the beach, but without my drizzly droplets, all plants and animals would die of thirst.

We are the SEASONS,
and we are a fantastic four: spectacular spring, super summer, awesome autumn (or fall), and wonderful winter. We live life to the fullest, filling the year with our different personalities.

Watch out, I’m VOLCANO.
When I’m in a foul mood, it’s time for the scientists to leave the area and let all their probing gizmos monitor my temperatures. I’m deadly—the vapors that I spurt can poison whole towns.