Welcome to the Periodic Table! I’m RADON, and I’ll be your guide around here. From unassuming oxygen to devious manganese, 111 incredible elements show you the periodic table as you’ve never seen it before. Click on my friends to the left to meet them.

Make no mistake—I am a deadly element. My furtive ability to hide with ease and avoid detection makes me a favorite choice of the poisoner.

They call me CESIUM.
Soft and golden, I’m way more exciting than gold. When provoked, I give off a sky blue light. Of my Group 1 gang, I have the fiercest reaction to water.

Hah-yah! Wherever you look, I’m there. Like a ninja, there’s no escaping me! I’m a stealthy element and can morph into many forms—black charcoal, brilliant diamond and more.

and I’m totally flash. I can appear in an impressive range of funky shades (different oxidation states)—from red to green, orange and yellow.

COBALT’S the name.
Mysterious and attractive, I am the gremlin of the underworld. For hundreds of years, my compounds have been used to add my distinctive and attractive color to glass and objects.

NEON's the name.
Things really get going when I become excited by electrical energy—my electrons zap and zing and make me emit bright, brilliant, and stunningly colored red light.

and I’m the last word in good taste. Rarer and even more expensive than gold, I am a bright, shiny metal found in South Africa and Russia.

I am the heaviest of the gang and a completely captivating character. Bright and luminescent (I was used in glow-in-the-dark paint), I am a real stunner.