Welcome to Chemistry! I’m TEST TUBE, and I’ll be your guide around here. Here’s where to meet the explosive guys who interact, combine, and change to make up everything around us. Click on my friends to the left to meet them.

I'm ION.
You want a bit of spark and pizzazz in your chemistry set, don’t you? I join positive metal and negative nonmetal ions together in a tight embrace with my ionic bonds.

Check it. I’m ACID.
The most notorious of the Nasty Boys, I’m mad, bad, and thoroughly dangerous to know. Given the chance, I’ll eat away at Metal and burn through your skin!

You can tell if I’m around—compounds change color, thermometers go bonkers, and Precipitates appear out of nowhere
. . . In short, my process is a chemical change where one substance is transformed into another.





Watch it! I’m COMBUSTION.
Come closer. I’ll warm you up, buddy. BOOM! I’ll also leave you with a blackened face. I’m a law unto myself—I can be your friend on a cold night or an explosive nuisance.





Like the ghastly creations of some crazed scientist in a low-budget sci-fi movie, we’re Atom’s monstrous brothers. Medicine makes good use of our radioactive decay, but we are most famous for our destructive power!

Hey, I'm LIQUID.
Nothing much bothers me, man. Like an old-school beatnik, I’m easygoing and just go with the flow. If there are obstacles in my way, I work around them, and I change my shape easily to fit into any container you choose.

I'm pH.
I’m the “pHantom”: a secret agent with the code name pH. “pHenomenally” important in your body’s tricky chemical environment, my pH has to be just right for a staggering number of complex reactions to go off “pHlawlessly.”

We’re smart cookies! We point to a crazy time ahead where all materials respond to changes in the external environment. We’re futuristic new materials who respond to heat, electricity, pH, and stress.