Welcome to Biology! I’m VIRUS, and I’ll be your guide around here. Imagine life itself as a community of cool characters who keep our bodies and the planet buzzing with activity. Click on my friends to the left to meet them.


and you can’t help but love me. You are a collection of many millions of me, and my friends, and I do everything for you – move, eat, think, and feel. If necessary, I will even die for you.

Name's DNA,
Some people think I’m a totally twisted individual, but I’m actually quite bookish. I’m so astounding that within my graceful folds and sinuous switchbacks lies the secret to life itself.

I'm EAR,
your body’s hi-fi system – a finely tuned sensor that picks up the tiniest vibrations in the air. Thanks to me, you experience these vibrations as sweet sounds.





I know I’m often a bit yucky. I am the poor relation of plants and animals. You give me unlovely names like dead man’s fingers and stinkhorn. Of course, that might be because I can be deadly when eaten.

I’m a breath of fresh air for your body. I’m a specialist trained for one thing only – to bring life-giving oxygen to Cell whenever and wherever he needs it.

I'm called SEED.
I am the great hope – a parcel that contains everything needed to make a new plant, sent out to colonize Earth. I’m tough and can survive without food, water, or air for hundreds of years.

Along with the body’s strongest muscle—in the jaw—and a mouthful of my friends, there’s not much I can’t demolish.

Let’s face it—us WORMS can’t afford to be fussy. We’re happy to live almost anywhere. With no backbones to support, we grow our largest in the water, but we also wiggle through soil, of course.