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Simon Basher is an internationally recognized illustrator, author and artist. His range of work includes large scale paintings, animation, printmaking and digital media. He is best known for creating and illustrating a novel series of books that make science and other topics fun and accessible for grade-school students. His illustration style is described as graphic surrealism; a synergy of European graphic design and Japanese character creation. His book catalog includes The Periodic Table, Physics, Biology, Rocks and Minerals, Planet Earth, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Punctuation, and Astronomy. Simon Basher lives and works in London, England.


Mary Frances Budzik has written or contributed to many books. She holds a BA in English Literature from Boston College and an MA in English Literature from Columbia University.


Adrian Dingle is a High school chemistry teacher and the creator of the award-winning chemistry Web site: His site has been recommended by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, the BBC, the National Science Teachers Association, and Cornell Theory Center --among many others. Born in England, he has taught in both the United States and United Kingdom and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he teaches at The Westminster Schools. He holds a B.S. and a postgraduate certificate in education from the University of Exeter.


Daniel Gilpin has written more than 50 books for both children and adults. His work ranges from pop-up books to complete encyclopedias. He is also the author of several books published by Kingfisher including Quiz Quest 2.


Dan Green is a writer with an amazing ability for making science fun and accessible. He has an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and is the author of over 45 books. Dan originated the voices for Basher's quirky characters and is the principal writer for the bestselling Basher Science series. He aims to explain science, while communicating a sense of wonder and inspiring curiosity about the world around us, and always brings a maverick sense of humour to his writing.